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Second level
Third level
Fourth level
Fifth level
District’s roots are in agriculture “Valley of the Heart’s Delight”
Original reason for creation of the District were groundwater overdraft issues
1968 – merger of original district with County’s Flood Control agency
Uniform guidelines and standards for municipalities, developers, creekside property owners.
We are all working from the same model.
The draft Ordinance drew from Memorandums of Consensus reached the Collaborative and Guidelines and Standards developed in partnership with the Collaborative.
Water district is first agency in the Collaborative to draw from the G+S work and incorporate it into policies and practices. 
Cities will be next to go through the process.  Each city will decide how the G+S best fit into their structures
A process to adopt and amend streamside facility protection requirements and include them in a stream and facility protection manual.
This time around we will include the G&S’s from the Collaborative work. In time Stan would like all of our standards to be located in one large manual and go through this process so that there will be transparency to all regarding our standards.