An update to the San Jose Parkland Ordinances requesting Council to align developer impact fees to 100% of 2005 land values will come before Council soon and we need your help.


Developers must dedicate 3 acres of raw land for parks/1000 population when they build new homes.† They sometimes pay fees in lieu of land dedication.† Fees have been set at only 70% of 2001 land values since 2002, which creates a great disincentive to land dedication and doesnít provide enough money to meet our park and recreational goals.


The Parkland Ordinances (PDO/PIO) are scheduled to come before Council on Tuesday, October 24 at 7pm, but some have been trying to yet again defer this item.† Please contact Council members and let them know that itís important to keep this item on the agenda, and that you support aligning fees to 100% of current land values.



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LLA 10/20/06